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Professional website creation services – SEO-optimised & ready-to-use

Website creation services - SEO optimised for e-commerce, showcase or craftsman’s sites

How to build a website from zero? Take advantage of my professional experience on corporate websites to get your own online business. The Indigo Cactus offers you all the steps involved in creating a website all in one, on WordPress especially. From choice of host, design concept, theme installation and fundamental SEO optimisation: you give me your ideas, you relax and I turn them into a personal and professional website creation.

Business goals, design, CMS set-up

1. Selection of CMS, design and theme according to your business goals

SEO optimised website creation

2. Technical SEO : essential features set-up

Why create an SEO-optimised website right from the start? To give you the chance to grow your online visibility easier than with a standard website. Fully integrated into the creation of your WordPress pages, SEO optimization is at the heart of our website creation.

Website maintenance services

3. Checklists and advices to website maintenance

If you want to keep everything on track, regular maintenance is essential. I’ll help you with the future maintenance of your site, so that you’ll get comfortable with it.

SEO dashboard template

Set up your SEO marketing for success right at the start – Order your SEO Data dashboard tailored to your business

Why create a website for your business on a CMS?

Useful, SEO optimised and responsive professional website

Bring your project to life with all-in-one professional website creation and design: taking advantage of my practical experience in digital optimization. A personalised design and an optimized SEO, for a site that reflects your brand, useful and functional for your visitors.

+ Design inspired by your business identity
+ Responsive website layout
+ SEO-optimized and technical installation
+ Implementation of menus and basic content

Help to CMS management on WordPress and co.

Why build a website on WordPress or another CMS site: it’s easy to manage! You don’t need a web developer or to touch the code (as a general rule!) to manage your content. It’s all there in an intuitive interface. Of course, there are a few SEO tricks you need to know to keep your site on track. Things I explain to you after the website has been created, with meetings and checklists. + Setting up performance tracking tools + WordPress maintenance checklists

Portfolio - Website creation example on WordPress with all my love

How to build a website with a personalized marketing touch: the most visited page, the best-selling product… at first glance, accessible to visitors. + SEO advantage: helps conversion rates. + User experience: they find what interests them directly.

Customised category on WordPress - individual HTML CSS

It’s amazing what you can do with a little code and a lot of patience… WordPress category customization, to optimize SEO. And for a much nicer user experience and design that’s visually consistent with the whole personnalised website creation.

How to build a website - WordPress website creation services and co. explained step by step 

Your business’ objectives

Whether you’re looking to create an e-commerce site, a showcase or a craftsman’s website, your idea is unique, and it also requires a unique solution. Discussing your business objectives and your product or service line will help us find the right atmosphere for your pages – its colors, its design, and the type of site best suited to it.

You receive a theme and a personnalised design

What users see first: words and colors. A design that sets you apart from the competition. One that conveys your brand’s character. A mock-up with the graphic charter (color palette, typography) and the layout of the elements on your pages will give us a good idea of what your future professional WordPress site will look like.

I create your professional website on CMS with fundamental SEO optimisation

Launching a new site on a CMS involves certain basic SEO optimization steps and settings. Registering a domain name, choosing the hosting provider and server on which your professional site will live… I’ll give you my recommendations, and help you make your choice. If you already have content, I’ll install it for you. If you don’t yet have SEO texts or ready-made product pages, don’t worry: we’ll start a content strategy together. And I’ll install the content for you by priority, starting with the home page and your main products/services. So that your professional WordPress site brings you traffic and a financial return as quickly as possible.

Help on how to maintain your website

What happens after the set-up? Well, it’s all yours. I won’t leave you in the lurch, though. For your natural and paid search engine optimization to grow, the future management of your WordPress pages is going to be of the utmost importance. Too many sites accumulate errors, due to a lack of optimization and maintenance in the CMS. So what SEO tricks and regular maintenance do you need to manage your professional WordPress site? I’ll explain it all to you in personal sessions.