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Try data-based SEO consulting to attract your ideal customers with less efforts.

SEO consulting - Individual and data-driven optimisation, to get valuable rankings and traffic

Data-driven SEO services, what does it make for you? From audit to SEO optimisation, a unique, customized SEO marketing strategy saves you time and energy. To get ranked on keywords, and not on any keywords: the ones that are of real value to your business. Through content creation and technical optimisation adapted to what your website is telling us – through its data. That’s what personalised SEO consulting is all about:

SEO audit services

1. SEO audit to establish a strategy with integrated data analysis tools. Benefits: Plan SEO consulting strategies tailored to realistic objectives, based on the current status quo of your website.

Technical and on page SEO

2. The essentials of a long-term optimisation: on page, technical SEO and content optimisation Why on-page SEO and technical SEO: Gain organic positions where it really counts. Help users and search engines recognize your site as a reliable source.

SEO dashboard and performance tracking

3. Agile SEO campaigns and data-driven reporting to maximize ROI SEO dashboard benefits: Easy-to-read, real-time performance tracking.

Customized SEO dashboards

Put your SEO marketing on the right track, thanks to data – Get a personalized SEO dashboard to easily see the right data and boost SEO performance.

Medium to small businesses SEO services in details

SEO Audit – Site’s health

Assess your current strengths and optimization areas.

To plan SEO optimization where it’ll make sense.

Why is SEO audit important? Before starting any optimization, we want to know where your website stands. To set realistic and useful goals. Audit services include:

Technical audit | keywords rankings status-quo | competitors overview | local or international SEO current state | Conversion-oriented web design recommendations | off-page overview

Technical SEO – Fit for Google?

Be optimized for search engines technical requirements.

Your site’s technical life really deserves to be into our SEO optimization plan. Not only can it tell us a lot about what happens behind the scenes. But also, first improvements can often be reached thanks to technical optimization. And make the difference on the longer term with the competition.

Metas and headings optimization | Code clean-up | Speed audit and recommendations | Site structure review | Crawlability

On page SEO services – Build authority

Make the best out of your content and pages structure.

On page SEO is at the core of optimizing. It focusses on content and its organization within your pages. The priority is to give to users what they’re looking for, either on local or international markets. On page SEO should be based on data to optimize where it makes sense. 

Keyword research and mapping | Dashboards for ranking monitoring | Index audits | Content audits | Content marketing for SEO | Local SEO | International SEO for French, German or English speaking market

Why is SEO marketing a backbone of online visibility? 3 good reasons to go for it.

What is SEO? Explanation to better understand SEO consulting value for your business.

It’s the organic optimization (non-paid), focused on the three pillars content, technical aspects, and external relations to similar sites on the web. Often seen as the ‘turtle channel’, SEO marketing especially for a small business SEO can make the cut. When you start out, SEO consulting will help you building awareness thanks to relevant content. And showing to search engines that you are a trustable source. 

Low cost channel to understand and reach users along the customer journey

The clear benefit for doing SEO as small businesses: no need to pay Google, at the difference of SEA marketing. SEO marketing is useful at different stages of your users’ journey.

Awareness: get found in search results without paying Google – thanks to relevant keywords, titles, descriptions and technical optimization.

Interest: with informational and valuable content, tell your users about your products, ideas or services. Blogs for example can be a pillar part of a SEO consulting roadmap.

Decision: with the right keywords and web design, empower your customers to decide for your products.

SEO optimization is data-driven: thanks to users’ insights, SEO allows to find out how users behave.

E-Commerce SEO – A great way to get data about your users and to transform products into stories

SEO for E-Commerce, do you need it? When we think online shop and marketing, we might first think about Google Ads or social media campaigns. But that would be missing on another potential: SEO for E-Commerce. Because there is no other channel focussing so much on user data and engaging content like SEO. Your products can tell their own story too, if content and layout are adapted to what users need – what they tell us through data. SEO consulting can uncover users’ interests and push your brand beyond the competition, making your shop home to the users.

Keep track of your SEO ROI

How can we measure the return on investment of SEO consulting? We’ll focus on forecasted revenues, based on user behavior metrics (CTR, organic traffic, average basket order) and the keywords’ volume we want to target for your business. This way, SEO optimization can be adjusted to make good use of your marketing budget.