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Maximise the performance of your Google Ads campaigns with an ultra-specific strategy

Google Ads management services – Data-driven SEA marketing to target the right audiences

Data-driven Google Ads management services are there to make you save tie, energy, and get more out of your budget. Hyper-targeted SEA marketing helps maximise the ROI of your campaignd by reaching the right users: Targeted audiences, profitable keywords, ads that make an impact… Google Ads campaigns that are truly tailored to your website position you with customers with high buying potential, increase your credibility, lower your cost per click and lead to a higher profit of your campaigns.

SEA audit

1. Audit your existing Google Ads campaigns to create a SEA strategy based on your website, goals and relevant audiences.

Google Ads campaigns creation and optimisation

2. Creation: depending on the objective (income, traffic, leads…). 3. Optimisation: target groups, keywords, ads, extensions, account and campaign configuration.

SEA dashboard and data-based reporting

4. Customised dashboard to monitor and adjust SEA marketing performance based on your site data.

SEA dashboard template

How can you easily track the performance of your Google Ads campaigns? Get our ready-to-use SEA Marketing Dashboard

Ultra-specific SEA marketing to get more out of your Google Ads campaigns

Auditing SEA marketing needs

Know what really needs to be done.

Status quo of: Keywords lists | Campaign and ad groups structure | Ad copies | Extensions | Bidding tips | Match type review

For you, if…

– You’ve got existing Google Ads campaign(s) and want to make changes.

You might know by now that The Indigo Cactus likes proceeding in good order. Auditing, either for SEO marketing or SEM, is for me the first step to know what your website might really need. For you, it’s the perfect starting point to get the current status-quo of your campaigns. Or to get recommendations.

– You’re thinking of starting a Google Ads account from scratch.

No account yet? If you wish to start with Google Ads but feel overwhelmed, we can start together. We’ll work our way from a first audit giving you recommendations about potential and campaigns structure matching your current site.

Google Ads campaigns creation

Start with organized campaigns.

Campaign, ad groups, ad copies creation | Based on your website structure

On Search or Shopping, campaigns need to get attention from the start. To wrap them into a structure reflecting your website strengths and objectives.

How will we create a Google Ads campaign? A campaign is made of keywords, ad copies and other features to make the products accessible and outstanding to customers in the search results. SEM services focus first on creating campaigns in an organized way. Not all features or all types of campaigns will be useful to you. We’ll define what assets could give you first conversions without burning the budget.

SEA campaigns optimisation

Adapt your SEM marketing to remain competitive.

Campaign review | Keywords adding and clean-up | Budget monitoring 

Created, and forgotten? No! Like any other digital action, a SEM marketing strategy unfolds best if it’s monitored, agile adapted and optimized on a longer term. Either for your existing campaigns or the ones we just created together. SEM services take care of an on-going campaigns optimization – content, budget monitoring, bidding adjustments if needed, Shopping Feed.

SEA marketing on Google Ads – Why and when to use it?

Search engine advertising – In fact, what is it?

Maybe it’s more popular than SEO marketing: search engine advertising is often known through Google Ads and the little Ads label you see popping up in the first three results on Google. Nothing of a ‘turtle channel’, SEM marketing strategies can bring quickly revenue and traffic to your site. So, what’s the downside? Money!

How do Google Ads campaigns work?

Search engine advertising works on a system of auctions. You pay whenever users click on the ads Google display for you. In reality, it’s a complex game of algorithms assessing your keywords, ads quality and landing pages, in comparison to the competitors. So, you see what is important here: relevant keywords, good landing pages and ads of quality.

Google Ads management services aim to give an optimized structure to your account and to fill it with keywords and content relevant to your website. To target the right users at the right time. As a SEA consultant, I use my experience from SEO to create the ad copies and optimize the keywords. I will also monitor data from Analytics and your account itself.

What Google Ads management services will do for you

Google Ads isn’t mandatory. For example, I don’t use it on my personal blog since there is mainly informational content. But in other digital areas, it might be a real asset to compete with others and gain a targeted traffic. It’s especially the case in E-commerce or local services, when competition is hard and your products need a visibility boost.

– Put your products in front of customers interested already in purchasing

– Gain quality traffic

– Boost revenue in a likely quicker way than SEO

– Compete with other brands in crowded markets

– Give positive spill over effects to your other marketing actions

How much does SEA marketing cost on Google ads?

You’re maybe still wondering if creating Google ads campaigns is for you, regarding the money side. I’ve the same concern when it comes to invest into SEM marketing for my blog. Because let’s face it: Google Ads requires budget!

So, how much does SEM marketing cost when investing into campaigns? It’s no easy question, and there is no easy answer.

The spending will actually depend on different factors. First, the number of campaigns you set up and of course the budget you allocate to them. The good news: there is no minimum daily budget. 150$ a month – 5$ per day – can be a start for low-budget campaigns. This budget will be actually spent over the month – Google might spend one day 10$, the next one 0, depending on best opportunities to show your ads.

The minimum budget you’re willing to spend is a good rule of thumb to start planning your costs. But it’s not the only thing which will dictate your SEM marketing cost.

Starting with campaign content: the number of keywords and their cost per click (CPC), the number of ad groups you have will require money to display them against the competitors. The more keywords and ad groups you have, the more budget you’ll need.

And on the strategy side: SEM marketing cost will vary based on the kind of goals you choose (Revenue versus ROAS), or how much the account gets reviewed and optimized.

That’s where SEM services can help monitoring the account to reducing costs, by optimizing on an on-going basis.