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” From interest to purchase – E commerce services to optimze CMS and content on your online shop, at each stage of your users’ experience  “

Online marketing services - The indigo cactus - people working with laptop and notebook

E commerce services – To make your users feel at home

E commerce marketing – CMS management

+ Product catalog management

+ CMS optimization: conversion-oriented web design

Content marketing service

+ Content marketing creation: from commercial to informational texts. Languages: native French, English and German

+ Optimization: SEO optimized and content / promotion campaigns planning on longer term

E commerce marketing for your online shop – What to expect

CMS optimization and product pages management

CMS are a great way to create and scale an online shop. But often, they come with their own challenges – a not always clean code, features not adapted to your users’ and business’ needs. E commerce services come into play to optimize the CMS when necessary, to maintain your product catalog and landing pages on the right track. All of this to provide a smooth shopping experience to your users.

E-Commerce services examples

-Product catalog clean-up and monitoring. To clear up sold out items, seasonal unavailability…

A/B testing on product pages. To know what makes your users convert better by adapting details such as button cart placement.

CMS code clean-up. To win in speed, for a better users and bots experience. Especially useful for WordPress shops.

Content marketing service

Content should be the backbone of everything. With so many choices, users need information before making the buying decision. And what’s better than your own expertise reflected into a structured, SEO optimized content? My E commerce services for content includes: optimization with SEO in mind, and content marketing creation based on a content plan. 

Content marketing for E-commerce

What to expect from E commerce services for your online shop?

Working with a CMS isn’t as straight forwards as it might seem. On-going maintenance and optimization are key to keep up with SEO marketing, SEM and other strategies. Products need to be sorted according to seasonality, promotions, and availability or user preferences. The shop design can also benefit from A/B testing and new layouts, to maximize conversions. E commerce services will help you maintaining the shop on the right track, based on choices supported by data.

Does E-commerce really need a content strategy?

Yes! To really stand out within the competition, invest into content marketing made especially for your business. Talk about what make your products or services different from others, make e-books or do-it-yourself articles… From textual assets on your website to visual content on social media, make your users feel a sparkle when they are with you. To convince them buying and staying.

Content marketing creation and planning – Create your story. Where it makes sense.

Web content is like shopping: having a lot of it feels good at the time. But having it for no reason is just a waste of time and money.

To create content that resonates with your brand, your marketing calendar, and most importantly content that can be reused, we need a plan. That’s what I focus on, as E-commerce consultant: each piece of e-commerce content meets a goal, a users’ need, and is integrated into the digital strategy. Based on seasonality, on your best-selling products or your expertise, we will plan content for each stage of the customer journey.