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Digital marketing pricing made transparent – Find what you need and check the average cost. 

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Digital marketing pricing at The Indigo Cactus – Find your service

Hourly rate: 40 euros

Daily rate: 320 euros

All prices are indicated excluding taxes.

Content and SEO marketing pricing

SEO services - Package

This package will be defined based on your website’s audit. It’ll include different steps, being part of a roadmap. It’s made for websites which start or want to refresh their SEO marketing, in case of relaunches and migrations i.g.  I give you below the main steps we could implement in this package.

Monthly SEO pricing: from 1 day/month | 320 

Content and SEO services - pricing in details

* If you are starting out with your website and need support with finding a keyword strategy. Or if you want to add content and refresh your keyword set.

Keyword research with reporting metrics if wanted (per URL) | From: 2hrs 80 €

* When your website is set up and you wish to go one step further in monitoring and optimizing the SEO strategy.

Keyword tracking and mapping Excel sheet | From 1hr: 40 €

On page optimization per URL| From 2hrs: 80 €

Content SEO production | 50 € / 500 words, 80 € / 1000 words

WordPress optimization for speed | From 4hrs: 160 €

SEM pricing – How much does SEM cost at The Indigo Cactus?

SEM services for Google Ads

Digital marketing pricing for SEM services will depend on the amount of time spent, so on the number and complexity of your Google Ads campaigns. And the number of products in your Shopping feed.

Campaign creation | From 2hrs: 80 euros

Campaign and account optimization | From 1hr: 40 euros

Shopping feed / Merchant center | From 1hr: 40 euros

E-commerce marketing – Extra services and their costs

Emailing (Mailchimp or similar programs)

Based on number of newsletters to be created.

Newsletter text creation | From 1hr work = 40 €. Depending on word count and language

Newsletter implementation and basic follow-up | From 30mn work: 25 €

Product catalog management

On-going items sorting, product availability clean-up… | From 1hr: 40 €

Marketing reporting

Online marketing dashboard ready-to-use or tailored to your business. SEO SEM E-commerce | From 1hr: 40 €