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How to start out with optimizing your content?

Online marketing services - The indigo cactus - people working with laptop and notebook

Content marketing services - Your website’s heartbeat

Content strategy from creating to optimizing

Content creation

+ E-commerce texts for products or services

+ Informational content creation for your business blog

+ Newsletter assets

+ Languages: French (native), English and German on option (advanced)

Content optimization

+ Content marketing for SEO optimization + Languages: French, English and German

Content marketing services in 3 steps

Content audit and content plan

Organize and plan for useful content

Writing content at random is exhausting. Know what makes sense for you and plan it.

Audit of the existing | Possible topics opportunities (in hand with SEO keywords) | Content plan

Content creation and optimization will bring you better results if structured into a content plan and integrated into your overall online marketing actions. An audit will first tell us how existing text is performing, or on which channels new assets would be useful.

Content creation or optimization

Produce and refresh in your users’ best interests.

Your visitors deserve relevant and fresh content, made with the heart. To make them stay!

Texts, email assets, basic design creation | Content for SEO Optimization

Based on a defined content strategy, we’ll create assets based on your business’ and users’ interests. On local markets or to open to international audiences: text and visuals need to be created or optimized in alignment with users’ language, culture and with your brand’s voice. Content marketing for SEO is always on The Indigo Cactus’ mind.

Measure and adapt the content strategy

Keep your content alive and up-to-date

Data applied to content marketing services: a few metrics can tell us if our efforts are on the right path.

Created and forgotten? No! A good content strategy is an on-going process. Thanks to data, content marketing services can be measured and adapted along the way. Is your content visible in search results? Do people engage with it? To know how to optimize further! SEO optimization and tracking can help us here as well. Content and SEO: a couple made to last.

Should you think Content and SEO at the same time? Yes! Hand in hand, to build a solid foundation.

Check my SEO services. To get more out of your great content ideas.

What is content marketing all about? The voice of your business.

Why are content marketing services essential

It’s as old as the digital world: without content, no website. Yes, SEO or SEM marketing comes once you’ve got good content to work with. So, the foundation first: content marketing creation and planning. Anywhere users go, they want information first. In a written and visual language they feel at ease with. Content isn’t only the products descriptions or blog articles. It’s also your voice, your branding. And it needs to be consistent through the shop. Content deserves attention as one of the core online marketing services. Because without text, images and such, a website is basically… empty. That’s why a content strategy is of big importance.

Planed on middle to long-term, content marketing services support you by developing a brand story and voice unique to you, which will be consistent across channels and over time. It’s not about quantity, but quality. With content targeted to your users’ interests and assets corresponding to your other marketing actions, you’ll build authority and trust, on the long term.

When to focus on content creation or optimization?

Content creation is a big part of online marketing services, especially when a website is still young. To grow the SEO visibility. To enter new markets. But no rush: an audit, a plan and metrics to measure future results should be set up first.

The optimization part is an on-going one. Either for existing or new assets, content optimization is key to strengthen SEO positions. It also helps with keeping alive older content, by updating it for new information or new keywords. Optimization will give your users fresh info. And develop further your website and business, since content evolves along with your product or services line, your audience, your competitors. Content marketing for SEO is obviously always in the game.


Content strategy and cactus: common points

Would you try growing a cactus in a forest? Probably not! That’s because the cactus likes sun and arid areas. It’s its ‘thing’. Well, it’s the same with users and content: you don’t address people the same way on a lawyer services website and on an E-commerce shop. Because it wouldn’t feel ‘right’. It’s all about context. But it’s also about the right amount. Cactuses don’t like overwatering. Search engines and users don’t like a flow of non-optimized, irrelevant content.