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Grow your website’s online visibility with personalized marketing. Based on data.

Data-driven marketing, for very targeted strategies. Discover the concept!

Online marketing services - Data-driven and targeted marketing optimisation

Photo Ophelie Harnichard Consultant online marketing services - Data-based SEO SEA marketing
The Indigo Cactus, or Ophélie for short, helps you build your paid and organic marketing on a solid foundation that’s unique to your site… via marketing data analysis. With 3 years of professional and personal experience in SEO, SEA optimisation and website management, I believe in personalized, data-driven marketing: basing digital marketing strategy on data, to optimise where it makes sense, not at random. Back to basics, focusing on the essentials.
Your products, your services, your ideas… in short, your baby put into words and images through a SEO-optimized professional website creation, made by me from A to Z. With WordPress and co. tutorials to help you manage your site with ease.

Data-driven SEO services? Yes, to get traffic, and not just any traffic. From brand awareness to purchase, the unique mix of SEO keywords, on-page optimization and technical optimization lays the foundations for solid, long-term online authority.

Put your budget into Google Ads campaigns that breathe personalization: individual to your site and your audience. Hyper-Targeted optimization of your SEA marketing helps you attract customers who are made for you and only you.

Customized Marketing reporting dashboards

How to know if your online marketing strategy is really working? Use data the easy way thanks to ready-to-use and customizable Looker Studio dashboards. Download here.

How can you reach the users who really correspond to your business objectives? Based on the data, we can develop digital marketing strategies that are better adapted to user behaviour. And optimise their experience to encourage them to take action. For a better return on investment from marketing campaigns. The Indigo Cactus develops your digital marketing strategy through data-driven online marketing services services, in simple steps:

1. Professional website creation with integrated performance tools >

2. Data analysis thanks to customized marketing reporting dashboards >

3. SEO, SEA campaigns that evolve with the data set

How do you get your digital marketing strategy off to a good start? Use GA4 to your advantage!

Use the full potential of the new Google Analytics GA4 as a basis for developing targeted marketing based on your users and your keywords. Save time now, with my interface set-up and customisation service.

Data-driven SEO & SEM guidance and optimisation - What personal Online marketing services do for you

Back to the Essentials - Targeted SEO / SEM strategies, to set up healthy, long-term foundations

Social media, affiliation and co are all very well. But without the sound foundations provided by our SEO or SEA pillars, all the rest is pointless. Like a house without foundations, a site that neglects its online visibility strategy, and optimization for search engines and users, won’t last in the long term. A site optimized for SEO, and/or with specific and logical SEA campaigns, will really save you time, energy and money along the way! We optimize where it brings strength. No more, no less.
At each stage of the user journey on your site, a data-driven SEO marketing helps attracting visitors made for you, not for another business. It builds your site’s authority and relevance in front of Google and co. It increases chances to get qualified traffic. Personal SEO services start with auditing, prioritizing tasks. And continue with optimizing based on data evaluation. To remain agile and adapt. + SEO audit + Keyword strategy + On-page optimisation + Monitoring

What The Indigo Cactus’ SEO consulting services can do for you

Data-driven SEA marketing is a great tool to reach qualified leads and buyers in a targeted manner. It works with a system of auctions, based on keywords’ and ads quality. It goes hand by hand with SEO optimisation: poor landing pages’ quality and site structure undermine Google Ads performance. That’s why it requires close management, to make the best out of your money. SEM audit + Campaign creation and optimisation + Shopping Feed + Monitoring

Who said that Google Ads is boring? Check the dedicated The Indigo Cactus’ SEM services

Tools - Marketing dashboards and website creation

Ready-to-use marketing reporting dashboards on Looker Studio, templates for your keyword sheets and other useful stuff: breathe! I share with you what works for me and my clients.

Digital success also means having a nice, functional website

On WordPress, Shopify or another CMS, we’ll start together your digital odyssee. From A to Z I’ll do the website creation you need, based on your brand identity and the expertise you want to show to the online world.
Your new professional website creation comes to life here.