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Know what your website needs to grow.


Online marketing services - SEO, SEM, Content

+ SEO audits

+ Technical SEO services

+ On page SEO services

+ SEM services: campaign creation and optimization – Search, Shopping

+ WordPress Website creation

+ Web design conversion-oriented optimization

+ Content marketing service: planning, creation, optimization. Languages for international and local content marketing:

  • French at native level.
  • German and English at advanced level.

The Indigo Cactus philosophy

Online marketing services to grow your site into a resistant cactus.

The cactus is a fascinating plant. Associated with strength in the occidental world, it is capable of resisting under extreme conditions. It’s a self-sufficient being, which stores water to be able to survive. But overwater it, and it won’t like it.

Your way to digital transformation. With personal consulting.

Back to your website: like a cactus, it needs the right amount of optimization to become healthy. And to grow into the competitive digital environment. For small businesses especially, individual and targeted online marketing services are key. Individual, because no website is the same. Targeted, thanks to data. To optimize where it will bring strength. No more, no less.

marketing reporting dashboard for E-commerce - Overview page Extract - The Indigo Cactus

Marketing reporting dashboard for E-commerce businesses – Track Revenue, SEO and SEM performance based on digital marketing KPIs I use myself in my work.

+ Ready-to-use

+ 4 slides – Overview, SEO, SEM, Revenue

+ Connect it in 2mn to your own data through Data Studio

SEO, SEM, E-commerce - Quick explanation

What is SEO? It’s the organic optimization (non-paid) of your website, focused on its content and its technical aspects, but also on its relations to other similar sites on the web.

SEO marketing not only helps putting your content in front of the right users in the search results. But also showing to search engines that you are a trustable source. From driving awareness, making your users loyal customers and optimizing your pages for search engines, SEO is a fine-tuning job to meet both search engines’ requirements and users’ needs. On the long-term.

What The Indigo Cactus’ SEO consulting services can do for you

Unlike SEO marketing, search engine advertising marketing is the paid channel. SEA marketing help you putting products in front of customers interested already in purchasing.

SEA marketing won’t deal neither with search engines’ technical aspects nor with content optimization. Thus, it doesn’t replace SEO. It rather comes as a complementary strategy. It works with a system of auctions, based on keywords’ and ads quality. That’s why it requires close management, to make the best out of your money.

Who said that Google Ads is boring? Check the dedicated The Indigo Cactus’ SEM services

Online shops and content are quite easy to create from scratch. But what will make the difference: a digital marketing optimization based on users’ needs, on CMS specifics and on product strategy. And since it’s not always easy to manage your shop’s life, on top of all things to take care of, an E-commerce consultant can help maintaining the shop on the right track. From catalog management to content creation or web design optimization.

More love to your shop with my E commerce services here.

Online marketing services in 3 steps

Online marketing Audit services - The indigo cactus - Woman working at her laptop

Your status quo - Audit, online marketing consulting

Online marketing services cover many things. Audits are the first step towards planning useful online marketing services. Tailored just to your needs.

Digital reporting as online marketing services The indigo cactus - Screen with dashboards

Marketing in action – Optimization

Keeping in mind both your business’ and users’ needs, optimization is at the core of my online marketing services. Based on data, to optimize the right amount, at the right place.

Online marketing services Audits - The indigo cactus - Marketing plan sketches

Data-based insights - Digital reports

Sharing is caring! SEA and SEO online marketing services live on reports and dashboards, to monitor the evolution.  Reports are regularly shared with you. Made to be as clear as possible.

The Indigo Cactus Skills


Online marketing services back to the Basics, to help growing your business into a healthy website. Here is what I can do, as a Online marketing manager with 3 years of experience in E-commerce and digital marketing. More about my work experience here.

Online marketing Skills
SEO marketing
Content marketing
SEA marketing
Ecommerce marketing (CMS, Emailing, Design)